Eric Porter

About Eric

Eric Porter was born in Guatemala City to American parents David and Kathy Porter. His great grandfather William Porter toured the globe with the Christy Minstrels.

Eric grew up in upstate NY. He was influenced by Latin, jazz and 60s pop music and played the sousaphone in high school band.

His love of guitar led to work with groups at high school dances and later clubs and theater tours of Godspell, Prairie Passion and others.

Eric was hired by HBO / Comedy Central to write and perform music for the Emmy nominated Two Drink Minimum, which aired 28 live episodes.

He has worked with several major artists including Joan Osborne, Chris Butler, The Waitresses, Ralph Carney, Tom Waits and Charlie Pride.

Eric now lives in Oxford, NY and is busy with several music-related projects and groups.  He performs and records a wide variety of music including blues, rock and folk and composes his own original music.

SAMPLE MUSIC - Original music written by Eric Porter for theater performance of "Pirates and Players Along the Chenango River" AUG2021. Performed and recorded by Eric Porter in one take using Audacity - Lovely_Lilly.mp3.

SAMPLE VIDEO - Video of theater performance of "Pirates and Players Along the Chenango River" AUG2021. Original music and sound effects by Eric Porter. Eric also performed as a musician -

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